Debate on swimming pool and recreational parks in post-Howard Alan Agreement era

As winter and municipal elections approach, there persists a rather touchy topic that seems to have produced a less than objective resolution in our wonderfully located area.

As we all come slowly to an end of COVID living, and outdoor activities diminish, the indoor winter sports and recreation activities will be most sought after for our youth, families, and even old doggies such as I, seeking sport and fitness beyond home TV shows.

From the recent tone of discussion and debate on the sharing of costs for the swimming pool particularly, more clarity, maturity, and a true sense of community must be made in an atmosphere of logic, cooperation and equitability for all.

I am a retired soldier living in Almonte. My wife Marlene and I have lived and moved 23 times across Canada and in Europe. On retirement, our last two locations included Perth and Almonte, which we chose for the wonderful community spirit, gorgeous geography and tasteful, polite and thoughtful popular attitudes.

We were involved in swimming, both youth coaching and personal training. Since COVID and recent summer limitations to outdoor summer swimming in our wonderful waterways, I, like most,  have greatly missed our water sports.

I was hoping to see a program at our nearest Carleton Place pool at prices compatible to what we paid before, with a reasonable increase over time, and acceptance of our historically traditional communal proximity, and consideration of all ages and sports.

As we come closer to the election, I hope all consider when voting, this municipal cooperation and respect of the needs of all, the maintenance of sound sport and recreation activities for all in our county, and councils dealing respectfully with each other, as we again view the future together. Vote wisely!

For yourselves and your neighbour.

Clive Addy
Major General OMM, OStJ, OMM, CD