Sunday, November 27, 2022
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Letters to the EditorDonnie McLeod takes on Jack MacLaren 

Donnie McLeod takes on Jack MacLaren 

Previous messageIf you didn’t know, Jack MacLaren is our provincial member of parliament.

Before the last provincial election Jack and I had a frank discussion. I explained to him that fiscal conservatism’s myopic policy to cut tax and to gut government is an existential risk (and in truth a threat) to members of my family. As an example; In Kansas cutting tax to gut government has damaged the economy severely. Church soup kitchens are overcrowded with people unable to find work or create jobs. They have been abandoned without safety nets by fiscal conservative politicians. Fiscal conservatism is not what families, like mine, a family with Huntington’s Disease need to cope, respond and benefit from.

According to all modern scientific research on Huntington’s Disease, we, and as a sufferer of Huntington’s I mean “WE”, need enriching not impoverishing environments. Enriching environments can never grow and flourish under our current fiscally conservative policy of tax cuts which impair and, in many cases, destroy our social services infrastructure.

“It is now known that many other genes (susceptibility genes) as well as environmental factors can influence the actual age of onset. 40% of the age of onset variability is thought to be due to other genetic influences and 60% environmental.”

Dr. Doug Hobson Department of Internal Medicine (Neurology), University of Manitoba

Jack recently revealed the goal of fiscal conservatism: To destroy our physical and social environments Resulting in a gutting of environmental regulations which would let ultra right wing conservatives, bereft of a moral compass, in business exploit resources and people without constraint.

“As we’ve seen, the Ontario landowners’ movement, and Jack MacLaren as its representative in the legislature, has become increasingly preoccupied with occult readings of archaic laws, of which this seems to be another example.”
Ottawa Citizen, David Reevely October 21, 2014.

One of Jack’s goals is to impose another destructive process. He is pushing for petitions, plebiscites and other direct democratic participation models which have historically held back US state governments. These models have prevented politicians who rely on inquiry and reason from using proven economic policies to help create good paying jobs which contribute to our economy.

Jack MacLaren should be trying to protect people from modern threats. A huge latent threat is genetic discrimination. We in the Huntington’s Disease community know how challenged fiscal conservatives like Jack are at comprehending this threat. You can learn more about genetic discrimination here: http://www.ccgf-

I’ve created a petition to show our disapproval of Jack MacLaren but what I’m really asking for is for you to engage in the conversation. A conversation that starts with a question: How are you, your family and friends impacted by fiscal conservatism and tax cuts?

Please sign, print name, community, date and add 1 to last entry to number your signature.

Donnie McLeod. Mississippi-Mills, Ontario. November 26, 2014

Updates on life of this petition can be found here




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