Saturday, November 26, 2022
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Almonte in Concert, ‘Christmas with Quartom’ — December 3

Join us for our annual Christmas Concert! Saturday,...

Diana’s Quiz – November 26, 2022

by Diana Filer 1.  With which country does...

Ol’ Sluffer and the Lobster

Reflections from the Swamp Dear Reader Some of you,...
Contributor BiosEdith Cody-Rice, Publisher and Contributing Editor

Edith Cody-Rice, Publisher and Contributing Editor

Edith Cody-Rice is the publisher and contributing editor of the Millstone. In 2011, she retired from the position of Senior Legal Counsel to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation where she worked for twenty-nine years. Edith has worked extensively with journalists  to help them publish their stories. She is currently a director of the Michener Foundation which grants an annual award  to media institutions for outstanding investigative journalism and fellowships to journalists.

Edith is deeply interested in literature and for 19 years held literary luncheons at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa for many of Canada’s outstanding writers. She was also on the board of directors of the Writers’ Trust of Canada for 15 years and was its chair in the mid 1990’s. She founded a very popular fundraising dinner for the Trust in Ottawa called Politics and the Pen which raises over $200,000 per year for the Writers’ Trust. She was a founding director of the George Woodcock Fund which provides support to published writers who face financial need while completing a book project.

Edith has also been a director of The Michener Awards Foundaton, the Writers’ Foundation of Canada (former Chair), the Ottawa Valley Book Festival, the Ottawa International Writers’ Festival, The Mississippi Valley Textile Museum and  Puppets Up! International Puppet Festival. Edith has also been a fund raiser for the Ottawa Public Library.

Edith serves on the Millstone as editor, reporter at large, book reviewer.


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