Thursday, August 18, 2022
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Arts & CultureFrom The Front of the Choir

From The Front of the Choir

Jennifer Noxon leads the Rhythm & Song Community Choir

These days I overhear people planning their fall activities as if summer has already come and gone! Yikes. It is true that September will soon be upon us so it’s a great time of year to try something new that you’ve always wanted to do. Sing, for example.

Last week I ran into a member of the Rhythm & Song Community Choir who exclaimed, “He’s going to come and sing with us!” “Who?” I asked. “My husband! I’ve been trying to get him to come out for months. He knows all the songs already because I sing them around the house. He figures he might as well join us!” She said this with such pleasure adding, “Besides, we need to do something fun together!”

In fact, as the choir grows, there are many who come with their partners, a sibling, an old friend, a son or daughter, a new friend, or a caregiver. They say it gives them something rewarding and fun to do, together. If they live together, they end up singing more around the house, practising their parts. If they have grandchildren, they teach them songs they’ve learned – passing their love of music on to the next generation. One day I saw two members, who are friends, singing and giggling as they walked down Mill Street. Very satisfying.

For those who come alone, new friendships are made. Two singers who started carpooling to choir from Arnprior have become better friends and join others for a post-choir beer. One singer helped another with a marketing plan for her new business. A bunch of singers decided to support her business as customers, and on it goes. A great community within a great community. And the beat goes on.

Rhythm & Song Community Choir is for adults and teens. Singers of all abilities are welcome. No auditions, no ability to read music required. Any singing we do at community events is voluntary.

The following sessions start the second week of September:

Almonte – Monday afternoons or Wednesday evenings Sept. 11th

Perth – Tuesday evenings  Sept. 12th

McDonald’s Corners at MERA – Wednesday mornings Sept. 13th

New singers are invited to try two $12 drop-in sessions.

For fees and all details visit Questions and/or pre-registration: or 613-256-8809.







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