University of Ottawa
Frontline workers 15-minute questionnaire: Optimal Workplace Factors 

If you identify as a frontline worker in any domain we invite you to share your experiences. We are interested in frontline workers’ experiences in the workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to hear from grocery store employees, truck drivers, delivery service employees, health care professionals, and more. Anyone who has been reporting to their job site and risking their health since the beginning of the current pandemic to keep the rest of us safe and the economy moving is welcome to participate (working ideally 15 or more hours per week). Participation in this study consists of completing an online questionnaire of approximately 15 minutes. The questions will relate to general attitudes and feelings, and experiences in the workplace. 

Note: This study is conducted in English.
Céline Blanchard, Ph.D. ( E. Gaëlle Hortop, M.A. ( School of Psychology
University of Ottawa
Please go to the link below to complete the survey: