The Hub held the first of several blockbusters events planned for its Back to the Future fundraising campaign when Prince Harry and Meghan got married!

The Hub hosted over 150 guests and volunteers at the Almonte Civitan at 6 a.m. to watch the wedding, live and in colour, on 2 giant screens from Rico Falsetto of Main Events Entertainment. Guests arrived in their wedding finery and were seated in the elegant surroundings which are the signature of Sarah Robertson of Prior Engagements.

Mary Lou Souter, left, and Renate Kordos, right.

Hub volunteers created an abundant and delicious brunch capped off by a four-tier wedding cake designed and produced by Julie Bowden. There was enthusiastic competition for the winning ticket for the “Best Decorated” cake entered in the Cake Walk and the Silent Auction included some unusual treasures for the lucky top bidders.