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Police ReportsHunter and boater safety

Hunter and boater safety

BOATER SAFETY – Duck Hunters and Anglers should take extra care in making sure they have all the proper boating safety equipment plus extra survival gear.

Everyone needs to remember that lifejackets and other safety equipment are still required at all times when boating. More clothes and equipment in boats make it all that much more important to remember to have a lifejacket that will fit over heavy clothing or better yet, wear a floater jacket or survival suit.

Always tell someone where you will be going and when you are expected to be home.

If you are going to be out before sunrise or after sunset make sure you have proper navigation lights as required by the Canada Shipping Act.

Remember: every one requires proof of competency on board all motorized boats.


Safe Riding Rules to Remember:

  1. Always wear an approved helmet. Fluorescent orange helmets are available for hunters.
  2. Never operate an A.T.V. when consuming alcohol.
  3. Always read the instruction manual and follow manufacturer’s recommendations, i.e. Obey warning labels and stickers on the A.T.V.
  4. A.T.V.’s are permitted on the shoulders of some approved roads; however, operators must possess a minimum G2M2 drivers licence and obey all the rules of the road and the Off Road Vehicles Act. Check with the local municipal office or police to ensure what roads are approved.
  5. Make sure you’re Off Road Vehicle is registered, plated and insured and you carry all the documents (drivers licence and insurance must be originals).
  6. If operating on an approved roadway the speed limit for ATV’s is 50 kph where the speed for cars is over 50 kph and 20 kph for ATV’s where the speed for cars is 50 kph or less.
  7. A.T.V.s are motor vehicles and guns must be unloaded at all times when on them.
  8. Passengers are not allowed on ATVs when operated on roads.


The Administrative driver’s licence suspension for registering a warn on an approved screening device not only applies to motor vehicles, but all vessels and off-road vehicles as well. The best rule of thumb is if your operating any motor vehicle, vessel or off-road vehicle, don’t drink and drive.

The penalties for registering a “warn” are:

  • First time: 3 day drivers licence suspension
  • Second time: 7 day drivers licence suspension and required to take remedial alcohol treatment program.
  • Third time: 30 day drivers licence suspension, required to take remedial alcohol treatment program and have ignition interlock device attached to your vehicle for six months.

If you are over the legal limit of 80 milligrams of alcohol, police will have their motor vehicle drivers licence suspended for 90 days and you will face criminal charges.




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