Sunday, March 26, 2023
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LivingLocal student raises $10,315 towards Arctic expedition

Local student raises $10,315 towards Arctic expedition

Photo from Students on Ice website

Josh Thompson

Well, a lot has happened since I last wrote in the Millstone about my upcoming opportunity to take part in an Arctic expedition.   I have turned 16, I now have my G1 driver’s licence and I have started grade 11. I wanted to send the Millstone readers an update about my upcoming journey with Students on Ice. I am very happy to say that this community has helped me raise enough money to officially commit to next summer’s expedition to the far North.

My on-line fundraiser,, has raised $3,315, thanks to the 39 generous people and families who have contributed so far. I have raised another $5,500 throughout the summer, from my job and from many more cash donations from terrific friends and family and community members and Millstone readers who have chosen to support the incredible opportunity I have been given. Also, the wonderful people who run the Hub have chosen to sponsor me with a donation to Students on Ice of $500. I am very lucky to have such an amazing community of support and I wish to express to each and every one of these individuals another big Thank You! I even received a donation from a woman from Japan that I have never met. I am very pleased that people care so much about youth opportunities, the environment, global awareness and helping out a local kid with a big goal.

As I wrote in my first submission to the Millstone, the total cost of the trip is $11,500 (travel to the Polar Regions is incredibly expensive).   My parents have already paid my $1,000 deposit, so all totalled I now have $10,315 toward the amount needed! I had no idea that I would be so lucky to only have $1,185 left to raise by December when Students On Ice payment is due. I am going to leave my website up until the end of November in case anyone is still wishing to check it out.

If you have teens in your family, you may be interested in looking at the Students On Ice website,, to find out about upcoming expeditions being planned to the Arctic and to the Antarctic. I am looking forward, with great anticipation, to my Arctic adventure in July/August, 2016. On my return, I will send another submission to the Millstone to tell you all about the expedition. I will also make myself available to the community by speaking at schools and the library about everything I will learn in the Far North.




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