Monday, May 20, 2024
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LivingFood and DrinkMaple Season review from Fulton's Sugar Camp

Maple Season review from Fulton’s Sugar Camp

Fulton's Sugar Camp

The sugar camp is Scott’s office. Here is his wrap up review of the 2014 season. Scott is a 5th generation maple syrup producer. He has been making maple syrup since he was 11 years old along side his father and mother. (He’s way older now.)

Scott loves to talk as you would know, if you made a visit to the sugar camp this season. We asked him to keep it short!

With the extremely cold winter we had this year, it was the latest first boil on this farm’s record books: March 31st. Our last boil of this season was April 20. In those 3 weeks we did a 70% crop, having made 3,000 litres of beautiful Lanark County maple syrup. There was an even distribution of grades produced (light, medium, amber). When I asked Scott if there was any themes or recurring patterns he could speak to that he noticed around this spring harvest season, he said yes: “WINTER“. This was the spring that felt like winter.

There is still work in the bush to be done. 30 kilometres of tubing has to be cleaned. As we write this newsletter the lines are frozen, so the work will comence once they`re thawed. (Ah well, black flies are frozen too:) The spring flowers are already starting to bloom in the forest: all is good.





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