As reported Wednesday, Mayor John Levi called a ‘special meeting’ of Council for Thursday night to discuss the TYPS funding issue, as well as a proposed repeal of the Heritage Conservation District by-law that was passed by Council a few weeks ago.

At the meeting’s start a packed house of local citizens joined Councillors in a moment of silence in memory of the Canadian soldier shot down at the Ottawa War Memorial yesterday, and then sang “O Canada.”

Councillor John Edwards then moved to immediately adjourn the meeting, expressing his view that the matters on the agenda could wait until the Council meeting on October 28, following the election.

All members of Council present other than Mr. Levi and Mr. Ferguson appeared to raise their hands in support in support of the motion, although a written record of the final vote is not yet available. The special meeting then ended.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story said the upcoming Council meeting is on November 28. It is on October 28.