Leapin’ Leprechauns!  My toes are still tappin’ to fiddle tunes and Celtic drums in my head!
My lucky stars sure were shining bright this past Sunday, July 10th, at Celtfest.  I was kicking up my heels and dancing jigs like nobody’s business!  At first I wasn’t sure how I’d make out because I don’t speak Irish, but I understood everything in no time at all.  They all talk like music, with laughing and limericks mixed in.  I love ‘em.  Especially my new buddy Liam the Leprechaun.  As you can see, my Irish eyes were smiling after meeting him.  I even ran into the lovely and charming puppet Miss Mills at the Mississippi Mills information booth.  All in all, it was a four-leaf clover of a day!  Celtfest is fun, fun, fun!!!

And naturally, we told everyone to come to Puppets Up! on August 6th  and 7th.  See you there!


Nick is the Puppets Up Mascot