Thursday, December 1, 2022
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LivingHealthMindfulness in business

Mindfulness in business

Barb Pierceby Barb Pierce

In order for businesses to operate effectively and to grow, team members need to be able to think clearly, easily gain composure, and come up with creative ideas. Unfortunately, with the introduction of the Internet, smart phones, and social media, the fast-paced world of instant communication creates a need for people to manage the overwhelm that can accompany these technological advances. Now, more than ever, there is a need for people in business to strengthen their ability to balance these constant demands.

Multi-tasking has the opposite effect to what was intended—it makes people less effective because people can’t focus on more than one task at a time. Following is a simple meditation that can help you to transition between tasks if you are finding yourself unfocused or jumping from task to task.

Heart Beat Meditation

  • Sit in a chair or cross-legged on the floor with your back straight
  • Relax your shoulders
  • Begin breathing in and out through your nose
  • Have the intention of slowing and deepening your breath
  • Place your index and middle finger on the pulse point in your wrist or neck (or simply feel the beating of your heart)
  • Feel your pulse and notice the cadence, the flow and the energy moving through your body
  • With intention, slow your breath further and slow your pulse
  • When you are ready, come back in a calmer and more focused state

Barb Pierce is the owner of Coaching Horizons Wellness Centre at the Thoburn Mill in Almonte. She is also a coach, yoga coaching horizons logo bodymindspiritteacher and the author of Become a Coach Leader – One Conversation at a Time.




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