If I Stay

Mississippi Mills has been used as the setting of at least three movies that made it to the big screen, and several locals have appeared in them as extras.

The movie adaptation of Gayle Forman’s popular young-adult novel, If I Stay, opens in Ottawa today, starring Chloe Grace Moretz (as Mia Hall) and Jamie Blackley (as Adam).

The movie, released by MGM and Warner Brothers and filmed on location in Vancouver, also has a Mississippi Mills connection.

Adam Solomonian from Almonte and Tony Dubroy from Pakenham both appear in the film.

Adam and Tony are members of a popular Alt/Punk band in Vancouver, and were originally approached by the Producers to audition some of their band’s music for the movie. In addition to selling the rights to one of their songs, they also were offered parts in the movie. Adam plays the role of Henry (Mia’s father’s best friend) and Tony appears as an extra. Can you spot them in this promo still taken from the movie’s website?

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