A reader passes on this story… I guess it’s an odd sort of testament to the prominence of two of our local sculptors.

On August 13th security arrived at the Galerie d’Avignon in Montreal to investigate a possible break-in. After checking the front of the gallery they decided it was a false alarm. However, had they checked the back door they would have discovered that it was unlocked and the hinges damaged.

A Sue Adams sculpture

The gallery owners noticed the damaged door when they opened two days later. They also discovered that Sue Adams’ sculpture, Europa, was no longer in the front window, nor was Dale Dunning’s sculpture on the wall — only one other sculpture and two paintings were stolen from a gallery full of notable artwork.

This appears to be a targeted heist of these three sculptures, which were likely scoped out by the thieves long before the break-in occurred. The investigation is still in process and no leads have been received at this time.