by Marilyn Snedden 

The first month of the local senior games for District 7A is over with seven events completed . There was good participation and cooperation with the convenors so keep that up in June .There are eight more events to come.

Richard and Marian Fitzgibbon
Shuffleboard winners Richard & Marian Fitzgibbon
Carpet bowllng gold medalists       and Shirley Gamble
Carpet bowling gold medalists Darlene  Arthurs and Shirley Gamble

The Regional Summer Games will be on Wednesday, August 12 at Kingston so medal winners will be contacted later about competing in that event.

The results are:

Four Hand Euchre

Gold: Shirley Gamble & Marilyn Snedden

Silver: Lila Wade & Donna Bennett

Bronze: Don Ecker & Mary Kolsters

Darts Men’s

Gold: Ivor Morris & Dorral Munro

Silver: Richard Fitzgibbon & Bill Hanna

Women: Gold:-Nancy Cameron & Denys Brisbois

Silver: Joanne Voyce & Dianne Rintoul

Bronze: Janet Davidson & Ann Ecker


Gold: Dorral Munro & Denyse Brisbois

Silver: Mary Kolsters & Shannon Castongay

Bronze: Ivor Morris & Diane Rintoul

Bid Euchre

Gold: Pat Brownlee & June Ferguson

Silver: Marilyn Virgin & Gladys Lee

Bronze : Ron Pettem & Jan Pettem


Gold :Richard Fitzgibbon & Marian Fitzgibbon

Silver: Helen James & Irene Botham

Bronze : June Ferguson & Bette Tysick

Carpet Bowling

Gold: Shirley Gamble &Darlene Arthurs

Silver: Ruth Bowes & Joyce Lowry

Bronze: Ivor Morris & Denyse Brisbois

Predicted Walking

Men’s 75 +

Gold: John Coderre

Men’s 3 km.

Gold: Guy Chaput

Silver: George Wilson

Bronze: Ken Brown

Women’s 3 km

Gold: Shirley Gamble