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Science & NatureEnvironmentPakenham student wants Rapids Clubtail Dragonfly saved

Pakenham student wants Rapids Clubtail Dragonfly saved

Dear Millstone Editor,

Today I am sending you this letter in regards to the Rapids Clubtail Dragonfly. The Rapids Clubtail Dragonfly is an endangered species that lives in Mississippi Mills. I want to help save the Rapids Clubtail Dragonflies before they go extinct.

From Braxton Barr
Grade 5 student
Pakenham Public School

Rapids Clubtail Dragonfly at Mississippi Mills. Photo by Pauline Donaldson.

The Rapids Clubtail Dragonfly became endangered on June 27 2014. The Rapids Clubtail Dragonfly looks very small and on the thorax there is a three pointed star. It is 5 cm in length and they have yellow spots on their bodies so they can tell the males and females apart. The dragonflies live near streams that have muddy or sandy areas around them. Larvae bury themselves in the riverbed so they can catch small prey. After the larvae grow they leave the river and venture into the forest in search for new streams. The Rapids Clubtail Dragonfly is being threatened by habitat loss, invasive species such as the Goby which live near stream edges and eat the dragonflies, water pollution, and dams that stop the water from flowing to streams.

I am going to help by recycling to save the earth, and looking out for injured Rapids Clubtail Dragonflies and help them recover. I hope you have been inspired by this letter and take saving the Rapids Clubtail Dragonflies into consideration.




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