by Hagen Hohn

On Saturday, July 23rd, the Photography Matters group held a photo-walk through Carleton Place, in memory of Paul Nelson.

Lanark County has always had a large and vibrant artistic community. In the photographic community in particular, Paul Nelson was an active and influential member through his store, Foto Source on Bridge Street. For many years, he encouraged and helped novice and pro alike with equipment, film and technique.

A photo-walk is a casual gathering of photographers that may or may not have a specific theme or purpose. Our purpose for this walk was as a tribute to Paul. The participating photographers, composed of fans and co-workers of Paul, started at his old store location, moved along Bridge Street, then to the beach and back up through town, finishing at the far end of Mill Street. Struggling through the heat, we photographed different aspects of Paul’s Carleton Place as our eye, style or desire inspired us. The resulting photographs are as divergent and creative as the number of photographers who participated.

Photos: copyright Hagen Hohn 2011

   While there are no plans for a public show, if there is enough interest, we can stage one. If you are interested in sharing your photos and images of Carleton Place, you can submit them to the Millstone. Better yet, include a few words on what inspired you. Either way, get out there, immortalize Carleton Place, create art through photography and inspire the next generation.