Thursday, May 26, 2022


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Letters to the EditorReaders weigh in on Wild Parsnip

Readers weigh in on Wild Parsnip

EDITOR’S NOTE: We received these two letters today from readers in response to our coverage of the County’s proposal to spray herbicide along local roads to kill off the Wild Parsnip plant.

WildParsnip2-700x496Hello – Back in the 1940’s during my late dad’s university days, he very often worked on the farms in his home area of Smiths Falls. On occasion while chatting with us all as he smoked his pipe, he would tell us recollections of his past. One story I distinctly remember tells of when he was out haying in the hot sunny days of summer, shorts, and shirt off, and his encounter with a plant known as wild parsnip. It was of course, in the meadow which had been cut. Oh, he was bed-ridden for ten days or so, calamine lotion, itching, blisters, the lot.

My grandparents didn’t contact the media, or call the police, or jump up and down. It was just one of those things, and they all handled it.

They didn’t even call their lawyer, doncha know. It was live and learn… and wow, dad survived to tell us all about it. Fancy.

I have used wp in floral arrangements on occasion for years, all the time being well aware of the plant’s attributes. And I also know about poison ivy, giant hogweed, monkshood, hot peppers, numerous tropicals, dangerous undertows, black ice, gasoline fumes, and airplanes.

As for this spraying vendetta being presently organized to control and probably hopefully eradicate this menace to humanity… I suggest adding every possible dangerous chemical to the concoction. Let’s REALLY do a good job at it, and get rid of everything. Then we’ll all FINALLY live in peace.

Have a nice day.

Allan Goddard

I don’t live along the country roads, and I don’t see myself gripping a head of wild parsnip, however I do realize the danger thereof. For all our lives we have lived with poison ivy, poison oak to name a couple of local well-known ones. Both of which cause many people days of terrible blisters and pain, yet every year people still get infected by these two simple to identify plants that are rampant in Ontario…

Would you have us spray the whole of Ontario?  (If so,… let’s start with Queens Park. 🙂

Don’t think there are others? Go to the book… 100 pages of info on Canadian Poisonous plants.

Just two things I would like to mention…

Does anyone remember DDT?

Does anyone know what a certain chemical company is alleged to have created that might be the reason that has contributed to the demise of millions of bees, which will lead to hundreds of millions of un-pollinated plants every year?

The point is, Common Sense, (which seems to be in short supply today) seems to be totally absent in just about every dimension on our planet.

Agent orange is not the answer.

Education,  caution, and wisdom is the way in today’s world.

Learn what is out there that is harmful.

Learn to identify, Learn to avoid, to learn to surgically remove the obvious risk.

Live the teaching of Hippocrates… “First, do no harm”.

Eldon Gaw




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