Thursday, December 8, 2022
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SportsReport on Lawn Bowling training day

Report on Lawn Bowling training day

It was hot and humid on Monday but that did not deter 22 Distinct 16 Lawn Bowlers from attending a full-day training session at the Almonte Lawn Bowling Club. The ‘Weight Control’ course (that’s delivery of the Lawn Bowl during the game and not ‘personal’ weight control) helped bowlers improve their skill level to consistently deliver their Bowl at different distances.

Similar to curling, Lawn Bowling requires players to deliver a ‘Lawn Bowl’, rather than a ‘Stone,’ to a ‘Jack’ which is analogous to a curling target, the ‘Button’.  However, in Lawn Bowling the Jack may move within the player’s rink whereas in Curling the target Button is fixed within the rink’s target circle or House.

The instructors explained the various components that went into controlling the delivery weight and then we all left our nice air conditioned lounge and trooped onto the 34C degree Green to try putting instructions into practice. A great time was enjoyed by all who attended, skills were definitely improved and Mother Nature blessed us with a rain- free day.

If you enjoy curling you will get the same enjoyment from lawn bowling (once known as ‘curling on the Green’. Come give it a try at 157 Robert Street, Almonte on Mon, Wed or Fri evening, 7:00 PM.

We welcome new members.




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