Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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SportsResults forSenior Games for District 7A

Results forSenior Games for District 7A

swimmers 2013
Swimmers – left to right: Gunnar Laatunen,Ingrid Harris,Karen
Meiche ,Jean Lemieux and convenor Nancy Cameron.

The local Senior Games are winding down for this year and the winners will be eligible to compete at the Regional Games on August 20 in Cornwall.

Local results are as follows: Cribbage, held on June 3 at Waterside was convened by Patti Guimond

Gold: Debbie Russet & Terry Gorman

Silver: Mae Sweeney & Marilyn Virgin

Bronze: Norma Glandon & Laurence Munro

Horseshoes held at the Pakenham RA grounds on June 4 with Richard Fitzgibbon the convenor. Men

Gold: Bruce Burnette & Richard Fitzgibbon

Silver: Guy Chaput & Ben Burger


Gold : Marian Fitzgibbon & Jean Smith

Silver: Jackie Cowlin & Ann Ecker

Bronze: Carole Kirkpatrick & Shirley Gamble


Gold: Bruce Burnette & Debbie Russett

Silver: Ivor Morris & Denyse Brisbois

Bronze : Carole Kirkpatrick & Barry Pascoe

Pickleball was held on June 6 at Carambeck Community Centre with a small turnout.

Gold: Debbie Russet & Benita McPhail

Golf was held on June 10 at the Madawaska Twisted Pines Golf Course with Nancy Cameron and Ken Brown as convenors.

Mens 0-14 :Gold: Larry Cote

Mens 15-26: Gold:Ivor Morris

Silver: Barry Pascoe

Bronze: Chris Foley

Mens Calloway

Gold: Ken Brown

Silver: Jim Tracey

Bronze: Chris Foley

Womens 0-25

Gold: Marg McNeeley

Womens 26-35

Gold: Nancy Cameron

Silver: Joanne MacDonald

Bronze: June Ferguson

Womens Calloway

Gold: Debbie McLaren

Silver: Irene Botham

Bronze: Betty Tysick

Bocce was held on June 12 at the Lawn Bowling grounds with Richard Fitzgibbon as convenor.

Gold: Ken Brown & Raymond Veilleux

Silver: Denyse Brisbois & Carole Kirkpatrick

Bronze: Bruce Burnette & JimTracey

Swimming was held at the Carleton Place Pool on June 14 with Nancy Cameron as convenor.

Mens 75+-100m.Prediction

Gold;Gunnar Laatunen

Mens 65+-Sprint

Gold Gunnar Laatunen

Womens 65+-100m Prediction

Gold: Karin Meiche

Silver: Jean Lemieux

Womens overall Sprint: Gold Ingrid Harris

Silver: Jean Lemieux

Womens 55+ 200 m. Prediction

Gold:Ingrid Harris

 The Annual meeting will be held on June 28 at 10 am at the Carleton Place Legion followed by a banquet served by the Legion ladies.Tickets are $15 and should be reserved by calling Guy Chaput at 613 253-2784 before June 22. There will be a silent auction and the draw for the Log Cabin Quilt created some years ago by Viva Neilson.

It will be a chance to recognize the medal winners and to work on arrangements to travel to the Cornwall games.




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