Monday, May 23, 2022


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EnerduRosalyn Stevens urges you to insist on the support of your MPP

Rosalyn Stevens urges you to insist on the support of your MPP

Rosalyn StevensDear Editor,

I have been following your coverage of the Enerdu project opposition with interest, as someone who calls Almonte her home and who has followed the issue from the beginning. I have read the many letters and comments that seem to appear in increasing numbers lately. I wanted to take a minute to remind residents that they have another representative with whom they can, and should, interact on this matter.

On June 12, this community elected Jack MacLaren as the provincial representative to Queen’s Park. It is, and has been, Mr. MacLaren’s responsibility and duty to present the community’s opposition to the provincial government. Through his election, he has been hired by the people of this community to voice their concerns at the provincial level.

It is not the role of an elected representative to move forward with his or her own views, ignoring the voice of the community he or she represents. However this is the kind of representation our community has received.

I have heard from some residents that they feel addressing concerns to their MPP is a futile move, as he has openly supported the project. I disagree. It is the primary role of an MPP to hear from constituents, and address their needs and concerns at the province. Whether or not they listen should not drive the community’s outreach efforts. From what I have read, it seems Mayor Levi supports the project contrary to the will of those who live here. That has not stopped the flow of open letters to the mayor, addressing concerns.

I encourage all residents to wield their power as the elector–the boss, as I have said in the past–and press your elected representatives to listen to your views. By not reaching out to the individual who is responsible for speaking about and for this community in Queen’s Park, the appearance is given that the concern does not exist. I encourage you to set the record straight, and demand real and meaningful representation from all elected representatives.

Remember: You, the voter, are the boss. Don’t be satisfied with absentee employees.

Rosalyn Stevens Ontario
Liberal Candidate, 2014 Election




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