Shaun McLaughlin

by Shaun McLaughlin

Council is getting a fair bit of correspondence regarding the proposed pound in Montague, of which Mississippi Mills would be a partner. I find that much of the discussion deals with inaccurate information and assumptions. I would oppose a pound that was overly expensive or where animals from Mississippi Mills would be euthanized. I do not oppose the present plan.

We need to have pound services. That is not an option. Provincial law requires that we have a pound and that it have euthanizing services. We do not have to use that service—and won’t.

Consider these facts:

  • Our current pound provider, LAWS, has twice temporarily closed its doors to us. We need a full-time solution.
  • LAWS will continue to provide pound services through 2014.
  • Mississippi Mills does not deal with cats, only dogs.
  • In the last two years, 15-20 dogs a year are taken to a pound.
  • Mississippi Mills intends to ensure that any dog picked up in this town is not euthanized. We will find the owners or work with LAWS for adoption.
  • Our share of the capital cost is between $12,660 and $14,900 (which is very modest)
  • The annual cost to Miss Mills for operations is expected to be about $3000.
  • We take in about $12000 annually in dog tag revenues.

Note: When we had our own animal control officer and pound in Mississippi Mills the cost was $30,000 annually.

And let’s remember, if dogs end up in a pound it is usually due to irresponsible dog owners.