Friday, February 23, 2024
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Letters to the EditorShocking photos in pro life protest upset local residents

Shocking photos in pro life protest upset local residents

Hi, I hope that your paper will be soon featuring an article discussing the pro-life protest that took place in town today. I was shocked and disappointed that so little was done to control the subject matter (graphic photos of dismembered fetuses) in the center of a very family oriented town. The protest was very inappropriate and was allowed to continue for several hours, exposing many young children to gory images and parents to uncomfortable questions, not to mention the emotional trauma caused to any woman who had made the tough choice to terminate a pregnancy, or for any woman who had lost a child through miscarriage or still birth.

Those images were insensitive to all who passed by and assaulted drivers with a haunting memory. As a woman who knows several people who have made the difficult choice between continuing or terminating pregnancy I can understand that the issue is a difficult one, and my concern is not that these individuals chose to make their opinion clear, it was that the town made so little effort to censor the content of the protest and the size of it, there was no way to drive through town without encountering the harrowing images. As I walked down Bridge st. I was offered a pamphlet and when I refused I was followed and hassled by a young woman who insisted I was being naive for not wanting to know the truth and to accept the reality of abortion.

That is not the case, I am comfortable with my view that women have a choice to choose what happens to their body, yet I do not stand on street corners peddling my beliefs to others and force images of women giving birth on anyone else. I made a point of visiting the mayor to express my concerns that this was allowed to carry on for so long, and was told that there was little/nothing they could do to control it.

What? These people traveled by bus, from somewhere else, to our small town to assault it's residents with inappropriate messages, and there is nothing they can do about it ?!?! Surely there is some bylaw that would not let someone post 4ftx4ft pornographic images every five feet down the main street; what is the difference between that and an image of a dismembered, bloody fetuses.

The content was wildly inappropriate and I am so deeply disappointed that no one with any authority took action to control/censor it. I have always had an image of Mississippi Mills as a quiet peaceful place to raise a family. Instead parents need to shelter their children from the images posted along the main street. I really hope this served as a wake up call to town council and the mayor that guidelines need to be implemented to control the content of protests and campaigns such as this that allows people to express their opinions in a more suitable and appropriate manner.



Editor's note: The Millstone will follow up on this story.



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