Editor’s Note: Much of rural Mississippi Mills has substandard Internet access, or in some cases none at all. If this includes you please fill out this survey to help a local group lobby for better access throughout our region. Here’s their article:

The federal government recently announced a $500 million plan to improve high-speed internet to under-served communities.  Most of our rural residents have inadequate internet service. This program gives rural residents of Mississippi Mills the chance to remove the barrier to social and economic growth that poor Internet access brings.


For us to achieve this goal we need one minute of your time.

The application for funding requires that we supply a map of existing coverage.  We need to identify which areas have great service and which areas have poor or no service.  The deadline is March 13, 2017 – not much time.

Here is how you can help – just fill out this three-question survey before Jan 23. It should take less than one minute.  With the information you provide, we will construct a map of Mississippi Mills internet coverage.  This map will improve our claim for assistance.  The better the map the better our chances of receiving funding.

If you have no available internet coverage, this is the most critical information.  Please use a public computer or a friend’s to fill out the survey.  Select “Internet service is not available where I live” on the first question.

Background Information:

During the month of December, Mississippi Mills councillor Paul Watters, Appleton resident Mike O’Malley and a Cedar Hill resident, formed the Mississippi Mills Broad Band Working Group reporting to Scott McLellan, chair of the Community and Economic Development Committee of Mississippi Mills. 

Contact Info:

You can reach us at: mississippimillsbroadband@gmail.com