by Bruce Kingsley

Japan is where you will have to go next if you miss this.

The International Federation of Broomball Associations is holding the world championship right here in our towns.  Until Saturday November 3, 2012 you can catch the games between fifty-five teams from Japan, Australia, Italy, Switzerland, United States and from across Canada.  Matches are taking place at The Pakenham Arena, The Almonte Arena, The Carleton Place Arena, and The Beckwith Arena all day long.  A one day pass is $5.00.

The 2012 Broomball Championships Host Committee members are George Brown, Alan Reid, John Dalgity, Ruth Brown, Glen Arthur, Paul Waters, Ken Naylor, Kevin Kealy, Jamie Dewar, Ellen MacNaughton, Calvin Murphy, Kevin Lee, Rob Munro and Todd Munroe.

The next Broomball World Championship will be held in Japan in 2014.  Less expensive to catch it while it’s here.