BC Premier John Horgan joins ministers and MLAs for a ceremony hosted by the Songhees and Esquimalt First Nations to honour the 215 children.

Killing children is not humane.  I am embarrassed to be learning what I am at 28 years old, in regards to Canadian residential schools.  I feel completely denied by the public school history curriculum, which as it stands, I believe makes us cowards.

Young Canadians deserve to know more about why our families got to settle here.  This is by no means an attack on our teachers, but I cannot recall a single 30-minute lecture on the subject.  I would love to hear from you — were you instructed to never talk about it?

We need to come forward as one unit.  Support indigenous people and welcome new immigrants to this beautiful country.  Multiculturalism defines Canada and we need to embrace it.

I feel extremely fortunate to be living here, but why I am able to saddens me beyond belief.

Chris Lethbridge