A few days ago, the Millstone published this article from the Mississippi Mills Broadband Working Group.  At that time, we asked that you fill out a survey about your internet speed.

We have had over 350 response in about 3 days — clearly there is a great deal of interest in this issue.

We have a lot of data on Almonte and that makes sense because of its population.   But the rural areas are not as well represented – as shown in the map below by George Yaremchuk.

Speed = mbps. Click to enlarge.


We need more rural data.  This would confirm that rural residents are underserved (we know that is the case but we must document it).

If you are a rural resident, please take the one minute to fill out the 3 question survey.

This effort is for funding as part of the Federal Connect To Innovate program which is targeted at communities just like us; mostly rural and relatively close to a “point of presence” – meaning close to a high-speed internet backbone.  The map is close to a perfect description of what CTI is hoping to fund.  With your participation, we have an excellent chance of being funded.