Join in if you are willing to help organize (or fund) a 2022 festival!

It’s just a thought. What if we could celebrate our release from the grips of the pandemic with an incredible community celebration like Puppets Up! Is it even possible?

Luckily, we already have an artistic Director in Noreen Young who has all the connections and vision to bring the talent to participate. We know that it takes more than vision and talent to bring a festival to life, and maybe you want to play a role.

We need enough people to step forward to commit to the leadership in organizational roles – like fundraiser, grant writer, marketing and communication, street entertainment, volunteer coordinator, location director, technical director, logistics, secretary, treasurer, funders … there would be SO much to do!

Join us on Thursday, April 22 at 7:00 pm if you would be willing to take (or share) a lead role in a one-time pop-up festival to be held on a weekend in July of 2022. It will be a LOT of work … hours and hours of volunteer labour, and we will need a lot of money!

You can register to attend at and will receive your zoom link after registration.

You are also welcomed to take this short survey so we can gauge response on the many roles needed, including the 15-16 month volunteer leadership and committee members volunteers, as well as shorter term volunteers, and funders:

If we don’t get enough people, that’s ok. It can still be a beautiful thought.