Want to find out how to have More Fun & Less Stuff? On Tuesday, March 16 at 7pm, theHumm presents a Zoom discussion with Mike Nickerson, author of “Life, Money & Illusion: Living on Earth as if We’d Like to Stay”. There will also be a brief presentation by Climate Network Lanark about local participatory opportunities. Admission is free, but donations to the Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust will be most welcome.

To receive the Zoom link, email kris@thehumm.com.

The story about work, pay, investment, profit, living off other’s efforts, and perpetual economic Growth is running out of room on our finite planet — Mike will discuss changing the cultural narrative. What are the economic myths that keep us captivated in the money paradigm? How else might the economy (mutual provision) be organized?

The new story about re-integrating with life processes and seeking satisfaction from living, rather than from material accumulation, offers a possible sustainable future. Join us for a presentation by Mike, followed by a Q & A session. Find out how to have More Fun, Less Stuff!