Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Living2010 Time Capsule reveals student history

2010 Time Capsule reveals student history

by Emily Caldwell, Grade 7 Student,Holy Name of Mary Catholic School in Almonte

Do you remember what you were doing in the year 2010? My name is Emily Caldwell and I am in grade 7 at Holy Name of Mary School. Last week, my class and I opened a time capsule that students our age created in 2010. Our teacher, Mrs. Reid dug up the rusted tin can from our school yard for us to explore the contents within it. We saw old pictures of their classmates, letters to the finders of the capsule and a neat grad book that they customized to suite their unique personalities from the graduating class of 2010. It was awesome to have the opportunity to hear and see from former students that most of our class knows today. One of those students is working in our school daycare right now!

Digging up the Time Capsule

As we were looking at the contents, we realized that it was actually a double time capsule. There were contents from the original time capsule 2001 from Mrs. Reid’s grade 8 class as well. That time capsule included fashion and current events. Some of the clothing choices really showed how much our fashion sense has improved!

The most entertaining find was fun facts about what was popular way back in 2010. One that really stood out, was that fact that YouTube was just created. Many of the students said they weren’t sure if it was going to be a hit; we sure know the answer to that now. Most of my friends and I couldn’t live without YouTube these days, especially during COVID-19. Many students wrote about famous celebrities from 2010 like Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Barack Obama. This has inspired our class to make a time capsule for the next graduating class in 2030. We can’t wait for kids our age ten years from now to open it up and see what we are all experiencing right now!




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