Friday, May 20, 2022


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Municipal Election 2018A candidate's rebuttal

A candidate’s rebuttal

Mario Coculuzzi
Candidate for Deputy Mayor, Mississippi Mills

Good morning; I would like to speak about the under belly of Politics, The dirty politics of election campaigns. The campaign strategy that focuses on personal attacks of your opponents.

You see when someone resorts to attacking you personally when you have a disagreement, it’s their last line of defense when they have nothing left to offer in the form a valid argument.

What is happening in this election campaign is a perfect microcosm of what has happened the last 2 years here in Mississippi Mills. A small but very vocal group of people and even “Your Mayor” (not my mayor) have gone on a very personal rampage against candidates who have dared to question the actions and decisions made by Council.

If you want to know the exact reason for the division in our Town, it’s because of these (for a lack of a better word) instigators. PRATAC and some citizens (me included), have kept the residents of Mississippi Mills informed of what was going on with their elected officials. Yes some name calling has taking place but really that is an attack on the Council decisions not personal. It may have been juvenile in its nature but not personal.

As I said, what is happening now is a miniature version of what has happened the past 2 years. I was on a forum that all the candidates were asked to join to answer questions about our campaign platform. I knew darn well who was organizing it, but I signed up because I thought maybe, just maybe we could have constructive debate. I answered every question that was put to me honestly and to the best of my knowledge. They even brought up my run in with Council, which I fully expected and have not shied away from in this campaign.

But then the attacks started again.Very personal situations were posted and made public that had nothing to do with the election. That’s when I had enough made my objections know but they didn’t stop so I stopped signing in. I was told a little later that I was called an Alt Right Fascist. Me, Alt Right (I’m a Liberal, well until recently) and a Fascist. really!

Then we have “Your Mayor” (again not mine) joining in the festivities by denouncing candidates because we are members of PRATAC. Not running in this election, is probably the smartest thing he has done during his term as Mayor. he knew darn well he could not defend his decisions and actions and had no hope in hell of winning a second term. You see, I understand why The Mayor and some of The Council (Not all) hate PRATAC and what it stands for. But we are the eyes and ears of the residents of Mississippi Mills. So when he and the small group of so called friends of Mississippi Mills insult and rail against PRATAC they are really insulting and railing against the citizens of Mississippi Mills.

They have nothing left to offer. It’s their last line of defense. They can’t compete with you at your level so they have to drag you down to their’s. The division in Mississippi Mills is all their doing. Please don’t let them influence your decision with their dirty tactics. Please, choose the candidates that want to represent all of Mississippi Mills’ residents and not just a small minority.

Thank you and have a great day!





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