The ACC is taking our shot at this historic cup!

The Quebec Challenge Cup is the oldest competitive trophy in North America. It has been continually contested since 1874. On an interesting note the Almonte Curling Club was established 19 years prior to this Cup Challenge being established. The series is open to any club involved with the OVCA or Curling Quebec as an event under the Canadian Branch. Due to the vast number of clubs waiting to challenge for the Cup, it is typically a 5-7 year cycle to get another chance to challenge for this large, prestigious trophy.
The Quebec Challenge involves having a 10-end double rink curling game. At the conclusion of each challenge, the Cup is awarded to the club with the highest aggregate score.

Two teams from Almonte will travel the 2 hrs to Baie D’Urfe (west side of Montreal) on Saturday, September 30th and play the hosts.

Ian MacLellan and Don Hawkins will skip the two teams that include Dan Logan, Mykall Logan, Marc Cousineau, Colin Davies Jim Rath and steve conlon will represent the ACC.

There are a lot of traditions that accompany this cup. For example: The leads all take a shot of scotch just before the games start. The teams break after 5 ends for a couple of drinks then go out and play the last 5 ends. So, it’s a bit of a marathon that will test our off season conditioning!

If we win, we bring the cup home and the ACC will host the next challenger in the list which would be the Winchester club.