I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — this is almost becoming embarrassing. It seems that if there’s an article anywhere online profiling exceptional small towns in Canada, Almonte is in it. (You can see a partial list on my Almonte.com website, part-way down the front page.)

Our latest shout-out is on the MSN website, run by Microsoft. The original item appeared in loveEXPLORING, a British travel website. It says about us:

Less than an hour from the capital city of Ottawa is the utterly charming mill town of Almonte. Wander the streets and take in the limestone mill buildings which have been repurposed as galleries, restaurants and boutiques. There’s a thriving creative scene with potters, sculptors and glassblowers showing off their wares all over town. The Old Town Hall (pictured) is now a creative hub offering theater performances and music concerts, as well as being the local tourist information center.