1. What city will host the 2018 Winter Olympics?
  2. Advent this year began on December 3rd. On what date will it end?
  3. What is the province of Ontario’s only UNESCO World Heritage site?
  4. Who was the brother of Cain and Abel?
  5. Who is the newly sworn in Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada?


  1. The 2018 Winter Olympics will take place in Pyeong Chang, South Korea.
  2. Advent this  year ends on Sunday, December 24th.
  3. The only World Heritage Site in the Province of Ontario is the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, which is also the world’s largest skating rink .
  4. The brother of Cain and Abel was Seth.
  5. The new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada is Richard Wagner, succeeding Beverley McLauchlin, who held the post for 17 years.