1.  Al Jolson cowrote the song Avalon with Buddy da Sylva and Vincent Rose, but the tune resembles the Tosca aria ”e lucevan le stelle” so much that  Puccini’s publishers sued and were awarded $25,000 and all the subsequent royalties for him.  Puccini was still alive at the time,
  2. Mrs. Warren owned a brothel.
  3. Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demeter, was Queen of the Underworld.
  4. Auguste Escoffier, while chef at the Savoy Hotel in London, created Pèche Melba in honour of Australian opera star Nellie Melba. She chose Melba as her stage surname because it was a contraction of her birthplace, Melbourne.
  5. The Pugwash (NS) Conferences on Science and International Affairs were joint winners of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1995.