by Diana Filer

1.  GPR stands for Ground Penetrating Radar, the non-invasive digital system that scans the subsoil for anomalies.  It has been/is being used to identify underground remains on the grounds of Canadian First Nations Residential Schools.
2. The Karman Line is the probable boundary between the earth’s atmosphere and outer space, about 100 kilometres up from earth.  Defined by Theodore von Karman, the Hungarian-American physicist. ”The point where earth becomes space”.
3.  Peer to peer technology is an application in which two or more computer systems connect in order to share resources.
4.  Vancouver is now considered to be the world capital of money-laundering, according to investigative writer Sam Cooper.

5.  Danny Thomas appealed to Americans of Arab descent to donate funds to build the St Jude Hospital for Sick Children.  They reached their financial goal.