MeBrent  has worked in corporate communications for the past thirty-five years, first as a writer in the Prime Minister’s Office and later as a software marketing manager. He moved into website development in 1995, and since 1998 has built websites for the Bank of Canada.

He looks after the Millstone’s website and writes news, history, editorial and photography pieces for the paper. He also runs the website, and those for Almonte Celtfest and Puppets Up.

Brent moved to Almonte in 1987 and helped raise his daughters here. Erica was a Millstone contributor before moving to Edinburgh, and is now in Toronto.

He is also a board member of the Michener Awards, Canada’s most prestigious prize for public-service journalism.


  1. Hi Larry,

    Was just thinking about you guys this morning, recalling that I haven’t seen you out shopping for ages!

    Glad you enjoy the bird photos — it’s a lot of fun. Cheers.

  2. Hi Stephen,

    Glad you enjoy my photos. My main camera is a Nikon D7100, which is especially good for birds as it has a ‘crop mode’ that effectively increases the camera’s range.My main lens is the Nikon 300 f/2.8, sometimes used in combination with a teleconverter.


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