Almonte Lawn Bowling Club

On Sunday, 6 July the Almonte Lawn Bowling Club again opened their doors for the District 16 Novice Day instruction clinic. Locally organized by Draw Master Denis Davignon and coordinated by District 16 Past President Flo Barclay the day was a great success. Bowlers from Galetta, Deep River, Brockville, Almonte, Elmdale, Highland Park and Nepean came to learn and hone their skills.                                                             

The morning began with a briefing and learning session by Flo at 9:30 am for the 33 novices and then it was onto the green to practice what we had learned. While the first year novices practiced their skills under the tutelage of more experienced bowlers and umpires, the second and third year novices played a game while coaches observed and instructed them on skill improvements.  After a refreshment break at noon it was back to the green for two short fun games and the award of prizes at 3:30 pm.

Everyone had a great day and all learned some techniques to improve their bowling skills.