This project is an absolute grab at money by ENERDU and needs to be stopped!

My wife and I moved to Almonte 3 years ago and one of the reasons was because of the historic downtown core and the sense of community. I have the added benefit of having spent many young summers in Carleton Place and on the Mississippi. I was a life guard on the river in CP one summer. Back then Carleton Place had lots of character and its downtown core was vibrant. It now is a shadow of its former self – sad.

I feel if the ENERDU project gets the final approval, that lovely Almonte will suffer the same fate and loose all of its historic appeal and quaintness. The short sighted attempt to redirect the Mississippi in order to create money for a company, while simultaneously destroying the present fabulous and historic view of the river and falls as the river meanders its way through Almonte’s downtown core is short sighted indeed.

Take a lesson from Carleton Place and look at the downtown now and compare it to 55 years ago and I believe that you will see what tampering with historic places can cause when you attempt to sell your self out for money and big box stores. Also why should the downtown core of Almonte be earmarked as the only town to have its core destroyed on the Mississippi “for energy”?

You should feel guilty that a project like this has reached the stage that it has now. Shame Shame!!!!!

Two Concerned Citizens.

Bruce and Sandy Wickware 
Almonte, ON