Kea McKay is a 22-year old student who lived with her family in Almonte until a couple of years ago when her parents, Jamie and Erica McKay, relocated the family to Seattle for Jamie’s job. She was involved in the University of Victoria bus crash two weeks into starting university in the fall of 2019. Kea and her family were incredibly active in our local community, and she worked at the library for several years.

Kea suffered a traumatic brain injury in the crash that has affected her hugely. She can no longer hold down a part-time job and has had to scale back on the pace of her studies. She’s doing everything she possibly can to keep moving forward. She’s currently fundraising for an all-terrain wheelchair to help give her back mobility, which would also help her in other ways too.

Kea’s own explanation of her journey since the bus crash can be seen in detail on the fundraiser page: