Father LindsayHoly Name of Mary Parish, Almonte held its annual Spring Gathering in the School Gym on April 26th as all the school and church gather to celebrate spring and the Holy Eucharist. Father Lindsay is teaching the children about hearing and following the voice of Jesus.

Every spring and fall the Almonte Catholic Church combines school and church activities with the entire congregation by holding the celebration of the Holy Eucharist in the School Gym on Sunday morning instead of in the church; two Sunday morning church Masses are cancelled on that day and combined in the School Gym allowing for the whole congregation to gather at once, and to have a social pot-luck lunch after. Father Lindsay’s homily for the kids was based on Jesus speaking of Himself as the Shepherd wherein the sheep know Jesus’ voice, and not that of a stranger. Father demonstrated this by having others speak to see if the kids would recognize their voice over his.