On Wednesday, 24 May the Club members gathered at 6:00 PM in the Club lounge to enjoy their traditional Spring Potluck dinner and review the winter activities. The Club ladies prepared a tremendous meal that was thoroughly enjoyed by the 33 members attending.

After the meal there was a short meeting and the Board members provided a brief review of their wintertime accomplishments. These included, a complete renovation of the Club kitchen. The existing cupboards and counters were removed and upgraded to allow for more space and a better working area and thereafter the kitchen was repainted to add a newer and fresher appearance.

In addition, a new Membership and Rink Assignment Board was designed to help more quickly begin play once our season opened. This improvement was accompanied by a new Rink numbering procedure intended to minimize damage to our bowling Green during the active playing season.

All community members are welcome to come and enjoy an evening watching the members play on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening, beginning at 7:00 PM. The Club is located at 157 Robert Street. Hope to see you there.