Thursday, May 30, 2024
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SportsLawn Bowling Club welcomes unusual new member

Lawn Bowling Club welcomes unusual new member

lawnAttached is a pic of our newest member, ‘Skip’.

Skip first came to our Club in early May, using the alias ‘Stick’ while we collected items for our annual garage sale. Stick was so impressed with our Club the thought of leaving in the garage sale was just unacceptable so Al suggested Stick remain. Stick admitted to a hated former life as as a painted yard ornament. No photos of the former Stick were taken as fear of recognition by a previous owner remains a risk.

Stick agreed to remain, but only if Bob would help with a new persona.

Bob agreed to create a new name and appearance for Stick, but advised that Club membership was not free. Stick admitted that bowling wood be out, as age and stiffness made it too difficult to bend. Bob changed Stick’s name to ‘Skip’ and created a new identity so Skip could remain in public view but hopefully unrecognisable by any former owners.

In lieu of a financial membership fee Skip agreed to work for our Club; stand on our front porch and greet members and visitors when they arrive, collect funds on Jitney night and the score cards during our Marathon evenings. In return, Skip could use the Club lounge as a home. Skip wood remain inside when the Club was closed, protected from the weather and the chance of being kidnapping and returned to duty as a lawn ornament.

Guy agrees Skip is welcome in our Club provided a “splinter group” is not created. He also noted his rather, “stiff upper lip…” and thinks past acquaintances may include some of our, “old wooden bowls”.

Please welcome Skip to our Club and provide well wishes for a long and happy future.




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