Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Furniture items for sale

Metal corner shelf unit. Measures approximately 5’9”x...

Civitans mark Red Shirt Day to support accessibility

National AccessAbility Week runs from May 26...
Arts & CultureLearn woodcut relief carving at JB Arts

Learn woodcut relief carving at JB Arts

(Make Cards or Gift Tags)

Join us in the upper studio at JB Arts on November 18th from 10 am-4 pm with Melanie for a fun holiday-themed workshop that incorporates woodcut printmaking.

As always, JBArts will supply all materials and tools.   No experience required!

The beauty of woodcut printmaking is in the unique texture of the wood surface which appears as part of the print. Students will learn how to transfer a holiday-inspired design onto a soft wood surface and hand carve the design while also incorporating the natural texture and beauty of the wood’s surface.

Although the printed design will be in ONE colour, Melanie will show you how to use regular gift (wrapping) paper* in a “Chine collé” technique to add colour to your designs.

Students will print a small edition (5-9) of winter holiday gift labels or cards to take home along with the woodblock made. Your woodblock can be reused at home to make more prints!

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