Wednesday, May 25, 2022


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LivingLions Club names 'Joy of Effort' winners

Lions Club names ‘Joy of Effort’ winners

Abby Killeen, Silas Leroy

Almonte Lions Club announces the 2020 “Joy of Effort” Scholarship and Bursary winners:                                                                              

The Robert Tait McKenzie Awards are unique in the Province of Ontario.  They represent a long history of partnership between a high school, (ADHS), and a service club, (the Almonte Lions Club).  For 54 consecutive years, we have joined together to celebrate the wonderful community in which we live, the life and legacy of Robert Tait McKenzie and most importantly, to celebrate the skills, talents, and hard work of a truly exceptional group of graduates!   This year there were ten finalists (see Millstone News June 3rd).  Finalists were identified in recognition of their exemplary contributions to school life, academic excellence, and volunteer service and leadership in the greater community.  These are the qualities and ideals which McKenzie himself modelled, and are represented on the Joy of Effort plaque which hangs outside the main office of ADHS.  Every one of them has the potential to change our world for the better.  The whole community should be proud of these young people, their families, and the school community which has nurtured their development.

The two students selected to have their names engraved on the plaque this year are Abby Killeen, and Silas Leroy. Abby and Silas will each be awarded a $2000. Scholarship. Each of the other eight finalists (Scout Maheral, Jada Masson, Emily MacLean, Jacqueline Marquise, Cassidy Potter, Jack Robinson, Kyler Schenher, and Isla Warner) will receive a $100. Bursary in recognition that all ten are R. Tait McKenzie Award winners for 2020.   We invite the entire community to take great pride in the accomplishments of these fine young people.  In the absence of a formal awards ceremony this year, we ask everyone to express their personal congratulations when you encounter them in the months ahead.  Our world, as it enters the post Covid-19 challenges, will need the strength, heart, and soul of these talented young adults.






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