Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Science & NatureNatureMy bird house is done, now what?

My bird house is done, now what?

Your masterpiece is finished, and you’re ready to show the world your creativity. It’s an easy two-part process: registering and delivering.  First you need to photograph your birdhouse against a background that will enhance the style and colour of your house. Take the photo from an angle to show as much as possible. Here’s the most crucial part: place a ruler next to your house so bidders will have an accurate idea of the size. A tiny house can appear like a mansion without a reference point.

Now for the sales pitch section. While you’ve been building, you likely thought up a snappy title for your house. You also need a short, less than 50 word, descriptions that will encourage bidders. “Birds will be lining up to rent this lovely little house decorated by my kids. They’ve used buttons, painted popsicle sticks, and beer caps to create a collage of summer at the cottage”. You get the idea!

Only you know how hard you worked on your bird house, so estimate the value of the piece as well. This is not simply the cost of materials, but also your time.

The registration form itself is on the www.mmlt.ca website (available first week of March), and can be completed online. You will need the following:

Your name and email. (Email address is for our use only, and will not appear anywhere else).

The title of your work

The category: functional or ornamental houses,

The description – the above creative writing part!

The dimensions

The materials – wood, pottery, fabric, etc.

The value of your house. For the auction itself, we will be suggesting minimum bids which we will base on the value you have put on your work.

You will be asked to download your photo as well.

The auction site will be visible in early March as items are registered.

Not done yet! Before April 14th, you must deliver your house to 111 Brookdale Ave. in Almonte. All houses will be stored here until after the auction when they will be distributed to the winning bidders.

Please do not deliver houses to the MMLT.  Contact: barbaracarroll493@gmail.com or aljones@xplornet.com for further help to register.




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