Sunday, June 26, 2022
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NewsOntario government announces its Rural Roadmap

Ontario government announces its Rural Roadmap

The province of Ontario, through its new ministry (February 2013) of Rural Affairs has announced a rural roadmap

It declares its priorities to be  aimed at building on the strengths of Ontario’s rural communities. These include:

  • Developing a small, rural and northern municipal infrastructure program based on consultations with community leaders that will provide more predictable, reliable and sustained funding for consideration in the 2014 Ontario Budget
  • Focusing on manufacturing — rural Ontario’s second largest industry based on employment — to ensure the industry will continue to innovate, grow and successfully compete in today’s economy
  • Continuing to provide rural-specific health care investments through the Small and Rural Hospital Transformation Fund, which has improved patient care in up to 64 hospitals across the province
  • Continuing to revitalize communities, create jobs and grow local and regional economies through the Rural Economic Development Program
  • Advancing a framework to help grow rural Ontario’s digital economy and working to address the existing gaps in rural Ontario’s broadband connectivity
  • Creating a formal process to ensure government policies and programs reflect the needs and realities of rural communities






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