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LivingShop with a Mongolian flare will open on Mill Street, Saturday

Shop with a Mongolian flare will open on Mill Street, Saturday

by Shannon Lee Mannion

Almonte is once again about to be placed on the map as a go-to destination as the partnership of Jamts and Wisintainer, Dagii (Dah-gee) and Jay, respectively, announce the opening of their shop, Nomad, across from the Post Office.

This bright, airy emporium features cashmere clothing for men and women, leather bags and in a nod to the Mongolian/Inuit cross-pollination via the Beringia land and ice bridges centuries ago, a shelf of stunning soapstone carvings.

How does a Mongolian woman from Ulaanbaatar, capital city of Mongolia, find herself living in Lanark County?

In the late 1990s, Ms. Jamts chose Canada to pursue business studies as a scholarship student in Ottawa because of the weather, “I like the weather because it is exactly the same as my country,” she explained as we sat in the sun-filled window of Nomad, a combination clothing and accessory store which includes a self-serve coffee bar, a selection of cookies from Baker Bob’s and several café-style tables from which patrons can people-watch.

The shop’s name, Nomad, acknowledges the Mongolian population, a third of which today pursue a nomadic lifestyle as sheep and goat herders, including several breeds of cashmere goats which derive their name from their origin in the Himalayan region of Kashmir, anglicized to cashmere.

Seated behind the window display of gesturing mannequins casually draped in cashmere, I could not resist reaching out to touch the down-like fabric, which Ms. Jamts says is suitable over four seasons.

She explains, “Cashmere comes from the cashmere goat and Mongolia has several breeds. Hair is collected and for lighter wear, is mixed with silk which is known as summer silk cashmere.” Each animal yields only a handful of this soft undercoat so that it takes two to three goats to provide enough hair to make one scarf. This sustainable hair collection is labour-intensive which is why cashmere is considered a luxury product.

The Grand Opening of Nomad is on Saturday, May 13, 2023. At 2:00 p.m there will be live music and Mongolian finger food.

Nomad is located at 56 Mill St. beside Mill Street Books.

The phone number is 613 621-1083.




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