Sunday, February 5, 2023
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EnerduTed Legg's letter to the Minister of the Environment concerning the Enerdu project

Ted Legg’s letter to the Minister of the Environment concerning the Enerdu project

Dear Minister,

Enerdu is intending to expand its power generation plant into the Mississippi River at Almonte, above some very tourist-attracting water falls that run through the centre of our town.  Many of us in town have been trying to get Enerdu to respond to our requests for information without success.  The Almonte Riverwatchers have put together a VERY GOOD Response Report to the Enerdu Environmental Report, which I urge you to read and further which I urge you to ensure that the issues raised in that Riverwatcher’s Report are addressed.  The public in Almonte and upstream from here, particularly in Appleton where wetlands are dying due in part to the raising of the river levels for power generation it is believed, have become VERY CONCERNED to the extent that this thing could go very political very quickly.  A Special Council Meeting held last night on the subject was packed.

I, for one, am for green energy and for micro-electrical generating projects such as Enerdu, BUT NOT AT ANY COST.

Please have your staff do a thorough review of all the concerns raised about this project, especially those raised by the Riverwatchers and by the Township of Mississippi Mills through its Motion last night to approve its Planner’s Report (and recommendations) on the subject.

Thank you for listening.

E. J. (Ted) Legg
Almonte, ON





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