Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Diana’s Quiz – March 25, 2023

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Letters to the EditorTime is of the essence: Cost-sharing agreement

Time is of the essence: Cost-sharing agreement

Photo: The Shutterbug

If you play or support hockey and/or ringette or you belong to a figure skating club, maybe you play broomball, or you frequent the pool in Carleton Place or you play softball etc.  It all seems pretty seamless when you are moving back and forth between Carleton Place, Mississippi Mills, Beckwith and Pakenham because you take this marriage for granted until our local governing body…Council(s) pulled the plug on this arrangement.  Apparently “you are always the last one to know”!  Yes, our differences may all work out but we are not sure because we didn’t get a chance to put our oar in the water. 

Our Council(s) made a decision during one of the lockdowns just before Christmas, somewhat of an ideal time if you don’t want community consultation. It is my understanding that the deed has been done.   After approximately 40 years the agreement has been cancelled…it may have been time, the marriage is over and they are blaming each other.  You may not have any involvement in any of these cost-sharing recreation activities but deep down you know this is part of our community fabric and that is why we love living where we do. 

 I’m recommending that we tell our Council(s) that we need more time to consider or reconsider the “Cost Sharing Agreement”. I realise that zooming in on a Council meeting is awkward for some so just take a few minutes and go online and send a quick note to all our Councillors and ask them to reconsider cancellation and defer the Cost Sharing Agreement until Community Consultation has been addressed.   It`s imperative that this be done ASAP because Mississippi Mills Council meets on January 25th at 6 p.m., the longer we wait the harder it is to change.  The community needs to know the impact it will have on the activities and organizations, good or bad.  You can contact Council using the following website  it will allow you to email the council as a whole. 

Bill Levesque





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